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People Took Advantage of Today's Nice Weather Outside

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If you’ve had cabin fever, today was the day to get outside.

“It’s the first really nice warm day,” Ariella Alroy, of West Hartford, said.  “And we try and come here every year the first warm day.”

After a colder and snowier than normal February, Mother Nature gave us a break today with nice sunshine and above-average temperatures.

“Just the nice weather, nice day, I was due for a walk,” West Hartford resident Mike Page said. “So I said, let’s get out there and enjoy the weather and the snow.”

People flocked to the West Hartford reservoir to get some fresh air and that wasn’t the only popular spot today.

While there’s still too much snow on the ground to hit the things, folks still took advantage of this beautiful weather to work on their swing at the Stanley Golf Course in New Britain.

“I wasn’t quite sure they’d be selling golf balls because I know they have to go farm them somehow, but I guess they must have plowed some areas enough so they could find the golf balls,” John Chilicki, of Rocky Hill, said. “I’ve never golfed with snow on the ground. Nope. I’ve golfed in the winter numerous times, but not with snow on the ground.”

And there’s a science behind feeling a little extra joyful on sunny days like this. Research shows that exposure to sunlight can increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that contributes to feelings of happiness.

“Especially this year with COVID 19 where we’ve all been stuck inside, mostly sitting, so it’s good to get outside and exercise,” Dr. Rebecca Andrews, a professor of Medicine and Internal Primary Care Physician at UConn Health, said.

“The more we talk about what makes people healthy and happy, individuals we know getting outside in the sun, getting exercise, getting good sleep is really important. A day like today where we finally have a break in the weather, it’s beautiful, I can’t believe I’m saying beautiful at 45, but it is it’s bright and it’s sunny. We get outside and we can absorb some Vitamin D and sunrays and feel good for a couple of days,” Andrews said.

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