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Rain Drenches Parts of Connecticut Including Norwich, Lisbon

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As heavy rain drenched Norwich, in some spots, the ground and drains couldn't keep up with the rain that has fallen so far in this area.

Up to three inches fell across the city in a few hours, with radar estimates showing spots got pounded with close to five inches of rain.

“You can hear it inside the house over the television. It was nuts,” said Kevin Doroshevich of Norwich.

In Norwich, a tree sprawled across New London Turnpike caused an accident.

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Doroshevich went to work to drop an extra pump and run a line to the street.

“We got a half inch of water in the basement. Luckily we caught the pump dying in time. So it’s not too bad,” Doroshevich said.

He and others watched as water filled the nearby intersection of South and Rose Streets.

“I knew it was going to rain but I didn’t think it was going to rain so much,” said Ishmael Schwartzman of Norwich.

We caught up with Schwartzman as he moved his trash and recycling containers to higher and drier ground.

Frustrating, but he’s used to it.

“You just got to go with the flow of things over here. When it rains, this is what happens,” Schwartzman said.

A quick trip up to Lisbon and a drive came to a stop because of a flooded road.

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“There’s a bunch of water under the bridge on 138,” said Tristan Mioduszewski of Lisbon.

Mioduszewski lives nearby.

Her kids were excited to play in the rain and she was thrilled for what the soaking means for her plants amid the ongoing drought.

“Our crops in the back, we have a little garden back there, it’s very dry. We have to use the hose to water it,” Mioduszewski said.

Back in Norwich, Schwartzman let us know that the ankle-deep water on his street is nothing compared to how high the flooding can sometimes rise. Still, he’s not letting his guard down.

“I have to stay up the whole night. I have a drain system I use to get the water out of the house. It’s a process,” Schwartzman said.

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Still, the rain could be beneficial.

The most recent drought map found all of New London County in the severe category with part of the area in extreme drought.

While we have seen some impressive storms over the last week, it’s not enough to put a dent in the drought. Water companies continue to ask customers to do their part to conserve.
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