Service Cars Before Snow Flies

A car that won't start is the last thing people want

New England weather changes on a dime and making sure the family car is ready to go is important.

Fall is marvelous is Connecticut, featuring everything from football to foliage to pumpkin spice drinks. But in November the weather starts to turn, and cars should be serviced before then.

Bob Maxon stopped by Mitchell Volvo to get some tips.

One of the first things you have to check is coolant, according to Ryan Williams, service manager at Mitchell Volvo in Simsbury.

Mitchell says if a car battery is five or more years old, it’s time for a new one. Washer fluid is important as well.

Tires are important, too.

Whether it's all-season, winter or old school snow tires, it all comes down to gripping the road.

While many car owners might think that all-season tires are the best option, Chris Wiecking from M-and-M Automotive in Simsbury says the best option is the winter tire.

Wiecking also pointed out that no matter how good a car’s tires are, with all the technology in the world such as antilock brakes, all-wheel drive and traction control, none of this helps a car stop if the driver is going too fast for conditions.

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