Storms Leave Thousands in the Dark

The storms knocked power out to thousands on Monday.

A line of severe storms rolled through Connecticut Monday afternoon knocking down trees and power lines.

The storms moved from northwest to southeast beginning around 4:45 p.m.  Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for most of the state, but have since expired.

Crews in Manchester spent hours at a home on Lakewood Circle North.  They had to get a 50 foot tree off the roof.  It uprooted during the storm, when through the attic, and destroyed the chimneys.  "Bricks, they were flying, it was popping whatever was coming," said owner Jan Ziskoski.  There was so much damage inspectors said it was too dangerous for her to live in.  "I didn't stop shaking for probably two hours," Ziskoski added.

A few streets away on Faith Circle there were more problems.  A tree limb broke in the and crashed down on another home.  "It was like a truck hit the house," said Tammy Castonguay.

Trees crashed down in Coventry on Lakewood Drive, destroying a home. Another tree tumbled down, landing on an SUV and hitting a man while he was grilling in his yard.

More than 22,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers were without electricity at the height of the storm. 

East Hartford was hit hardest, with more than 17,000 outages. A tree came down on power lines causing the outage.  The storms left about 75-percent of the town in the dark.

Tuesday could see another threat of storms.


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