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Snow, Sleet Move Out After Slick Morning on Connecticut Roads

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The bulk of the snow and sleet that fell across Connecticut Friday morning has moved out. The amount of snow and/or sleet that fell depends on where you are.

We're still dealing a with a little mix across the state on the tail end of this system. Shoreline areas are just barely above freezing and are seeing rain while some snow is coming down farther inland where temps are cooler. Heading out? Take it easy as road temps could be cooler than the air temperatures and continued slick conditions are possible (and expected) on the roads.

Heavy bands of snow overspread northern parts of the state around 4 a.m. The snow changed over to sleet along the shoreline and in southern Connecticut before sunrise, cutting down on snow totals for those areas.

Winter storm warnings are still in place for counties along the Massachusetts state line.

Glastonbury and Windsor were among the areas to get sleet.

Enfield has gotten mostly snow.

“It’s been so crazy. We’re actually new homeowners so it’s been absolutely insane trying to handle all the snow and just clean it up. It takes forever,” Sabrina Torres, of Enfield, said.

She had to clear her sidewalk, steps and driveway.

“Today, probably like two hours now, and then again, once it’s done. It’s crazy, it’s kind of fun, but it’s crazy,” she said. “I wish I had a snowblower.”

Kyle West, of Enfield, did use a snowblower and said the snow was light and fluffy to clear, but he expected it to get worse as the sleet took over.

“It gets a little harder because it gets heavier and as you get older the lower back starts to cry a little bit more,” he said.

While snow and sleet have been falling across the state, it has been mostly snow in Enfield.

Both Torres and West were making an effort to clear multiple times throughout today.

“My approach is to go at it a couple times. I’m not one that waits because if you have to do it all at once it’s 10-times harder, so I do a couple cleanups, makes it a little easier,” West said.

Snow and sleet have been falling across Connecticut and the sleet is like marbles under your feet in Glastonbury.

Snow and sleet have been falling across the state and that is making things slick in Glastonbury.

Many school districts canceled classes ahead of the storm. See the full list here.

State police reported some minor spin-outs on state roads.

A box truck has rolled over on Interstate 95 South, near the Orange-West Haven line, as sleet and snow move through the state.

Roads were slick Friday morning as snow and sleet fell across the state.

The wintry weather forced the cancellation of most flights in and out of Bradley Airport.

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