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Refreeze Possible Tonight as Snow, Slush Melts Today

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After yesterday's storm, the concern for tonight will be a possible refreeze as snow and slush melt during the day today.

Saturday's storm produced anywhere from plain rain, wind to major wet snow accumulation in the northeast hills.

Some towns saw significant snow accumulation, while others, especially those along and closest to the shore, saw very little. Snow accumulated more in the hills.

Union had the highest snow fall total, with 10 inches. Bolton had a snow accumulation of six inches.

Elevation played a large role in Saturday's snowstorm. At 1,100 feet, Burlington had a snow accumulation of seven inches while at a 300-foot elevation, there was only one inch of snow accumulated.

Towns that saw snow accumulations will see slippery conditions today until sunshine will begin melting left over snow and slush.

That storm continues to pull away from New England leaving sunshine and breezy conditions to end the weekend. Another refreeze is likely tonight. Towns that see melting snow today will have patches of black ice once again tonight.

High pressure will remain in control of our weather over the next several days. Another storm in the deep south will form over the next 24 hours. That storm is expected to pass well to the south of New England and head out to sea.

The next chance for showers doesn't arrive until next weekend.

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