Tolland County

Tolland County Cleaning Up After Sloppy Storm

Accumulations of heavy, wet snow make for a messy day in northeastern parts of the state.

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Sagging under the weight of a snowy, frozen mix, tree branches draped low across the Willington landscape following Saturday's snow.

This, as roads covered in a slushy glaze, stranded motorists, as well. In Willington and surrounding Tolland County towns, the snow was real.

“I didn’t know what to expect, being the first snow and the way it came in all funny,  we didn’t know if we were going to get it or not,” said Jaci Sinkewicz of Columbia.

In northeastern Connecticut towns, snow persisted into the early evening hours Saturday, leaving plenty to clean up.

NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Josh Cingranelli and Reporter Mike Massaro were live in Stafford Springs and Coventry after following Saturday's nor-easter snowstorm.

“We have a long driveway which we haven’t cleared so will be doing that tomorrow. Very heavy, wet snow,” said a Tolland woman.

Around the state, many power outages were reported. Among the towns heavily affected was Stafford, where people were working outside all day.

“My plow truck is open to the atmosphere. There’s no roof above it. It’s a homemade thing. So, I get wet,” said Kevin Mordasky of Stafford.

At a gas station in Willington, more people were prepping for cleanup.

“About 200 feet of driveway and we should be good to go,” said Matt Kendall, while filling up a gasoline container for his snowblower.

Kendall’s day began as he drove his wife, a nurse, to her shift at Hartford Hospital. All the while, dealing with dicey driving conditions.

“It was slippery. I saw a couple of cars spin out, a couple of branches on the road,” said Kendall. “You got to be careful.”

Good advice, supported by Connecticut State Police who responded to many snow-related accidents today and warned people to drive carefully.

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