Our Top Weather Stories of 2017

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NBC Connecticut
There were damage reports across the state as powerful winds and heavy rain took down trees, wires, and even pulled boats from the water. Here's a look at some of the damage.
This storm dumped up to two feet of snow on parts of Connecticut and caused the governor to issue a statewide travel ban. Here's a look back at the explainer and here are some photos from this storm.
These storms were powerful enough to warrant tornado warnings and created some incredible displays of clouds, lightning, and hail. Check out the photos then look back at Ryan's answers to some of the big questions of the day.
There were hundreds of school delays and closures the day after a blizzard brought nearly 20 inches of snow to parts of Connecticut towns, and more snow moved in soon after. Here's a look back at the coverage and here are some of the photos.
NBC Connecticut
While not as heavy as the blizzard preceding it, this storm dropped 8 inches of snow in some parts and knocked out power for thousands of Connecticut residents. Here's a look back at the story.
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