Tornado Touches Down in Conway, Massachusetts

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NBC Connecticut
The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Western Massachusetts, damaging homes in Franklin County.
NBC Connecticut
The EF-1 tornado touched down Saturday evening near the town of Conway.
This 4 panel radar plot from the National Weather Service radar in Albany shows strong rotation in the upper right box. The lower right panel shows normalized rotation approaching 2.00 (very impressive) and the upper left shows a classic and well defined bow echo signature. Just north of the bows apex is an area where brief tornadoes can form and bow echoes themselves are typically associated with strong straight line winds.
NBC Connecticut
The estimated maximum windspeed was 110 mph.
NBC Connecticut
The twister destroyed a barn full of antiques.
NBC Connecticut
A church in Conway also suffered damage from the tornado.
NBC Connecticut
The tornado took down trees in the area as well.
NBC Connecticut
As many as 6 homes were damaged when the tornado tore through the area.
NBC Connecticut
The signature tree damage helped meteorologists determine that it was a tornado that touched down.
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