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April Showers Indeed

Monday, 80, today rain.



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    The rain is falling all over the state.

    April is known for its changeable weather, and this week is a perfect example.

    On Monday, parts of the state touched 80 degrees, while others barely nudged 50, and today we all share in downpours of rain.

    A complex area of low pressure will glide over us during the day, bringing periods of heavy rain, wind and maybe a little thunder too.

    Most of the action will take place before lunchtime, while lighter showers and drizzle will hang around into the dinner hour.

    Rainfall totals will approach 2 inches in some of the heaviest hit towns. So far, New Haven has received 1.78 inches, Danbury: 1.65 inches and Middletown: 1.56 inches.

    It will be a lot nicer tomorrow!