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On Ryan's Radar

On Ryan's Radar

First Alert Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan Gives You His Take on Connecticut's Weather

Morning Fluffy Snow

On Ryan's Radar

NBC Connecticut First Alert meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan gives you the science behind the forecast and shares with you an in-depth look at the weather impacting Connecticut.

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Evening Forecast for October 13

Get excited for it - a coating to 2 inches of snow is on the way! It's about as unimpressive of a storm as you can get. A more apt way to describe it is an atmospheric burp. But that burp is going to manage to squeeze out a period of light snow tomorrow morning during the commute.

Evening Forecast for January 5Evening Forecast for January 5

(Published Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017)

One of the reasons I'm expecting some accumulation is the fact there will be a very deep layer of moisture in the atmosphere where the cloud temperatures are around -15C. This is an exciting temperature for winter lovers. Between -12C and -18C snow flakes grow with great efficiency and the favored type of crystal are ornate dendrites. This forecast sounding off the GFS for Hartford shows a deep layer of cloud around -15C (it's shaded in yellow) with some lift. That should lead to a period of fluffy snow flakes that could accumulate to an inch or two in some towns even if we only pick up less than a tenth of an inch of liquid precipitation. 

Beyond tomorrow morning's little snow we're watching an offshore storm for Saturday afternoon. While there has been a shift of this storm closer to the coast I'm not sure if it will track any farther west. I do expect a period of snow for parts of Connecticut - especially eastern Connecticut - but significant snow is unlikely. The 51-member European Ensemble has only a 10-20 percent chance of more than 3" of snow in far southeastern Connecticut - but a 50% chance of >1" of snow. 

We'll be watching Saturday's system closely but it appears to be a much bigger system for the Cape than it will be here in Connecticut.