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Wallingford Family Loses Home to Severe Weather

90-Mph Winds, But No Evidence of Tornadoes

The National Weather Service estimates that wind speeds reached 90 to 95 mph in the hardest hit areas, but said there is no evidence of tornadoes. The winds were the result of multiple microbursts, or straight-line winds. (Published Wednesday, June 24, 2015)

Members of one Wallingford family lost their home Tuesday night when 90-mph winds swept parts of the state, bringing down trees and power lines and causing damage that could take days to repair.

Nadir Balan and wife Jen McClure moved into their home on Grantham Road back in September. It was their dream house.

Now, that dream home is under a 50-foot-tall tree. It crashed into the house last night after a microburst stormed through Wallingford.

Balan said the home can't be salvaged. He and his wife are trying to save whatever they can.

"There wasn’t much that we could get out as far as our personal items. Essentially, both of our offices got crushed," said Balan.

The couple is one of about 3,000 customers in town left without electricity.

Several businesses have had to close because of all the power lines that went down.

Some, like Giganti’s Too, are working without power.

"The lights are off. People are coming in, are very hungry, have no food. We're just trying to do the best we can," said Grace Gelletti, who has to improvise what she feeds at her restaurant.

Officials hope power will be restored by midnight on Friday.

Town leaders aren’t sure how long cleanup will take, but they’re asking residents to be patient.

"It’s weird," said Balan, gazing at his destroyed home. "It’s only just starting to hit me… it hasn’t been a full day yet."

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