Catalytic Converters Stolen From Multiple Vehicles at Cheshire High School

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Cheshire Police are investigating the theft of catalytic converters at four locations, including two on public school property.

Students, teachers and staff at Cheshire High School are urged to remain vigilant after catalytic converters were stolen from multiple vehicles at the school on Monday.

District officials said catalytic converters were taken from one vehicle in the Chapman staff parking lot and two vehicles in the student parking lot at Cheshire High School.

Some catalytic converters were also stolen off of vehicles in two commercial parking lots on South Main Street, they added.

All of the thefts took place while the vehicles were parked in parking lots during daylight hours, police said.

The thefts take only a few minutes to complete. If you are a victim of a catalytic converter theft, officials said your vehicle would sound significantly louder and/or would smell of exhaust.

The district said it is working closely with Cheshire Police Department to investigate the thefts, which includes reviewing security tapes.

Cheshire Public Schools said it was recently was awarded a grant that it plans to use to significantly improve the exterior building camera coverage by the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Police will remain vigilant to patrol and investigate the crimes.

Students, teachers and staff are also asked to remain vigilantly observant of their surroundings. If anyone sees a vehicle and/or people who are not typically in staff or student parking areas, they are encouraged to contact the school office and/or Cheshire police.