Department of Correction Feb 28

Department Of Correction Dismisses Employee For Embezzlement

A woman who worked in the state Department Of Correction is now in trouble with the law herself.  Details of significant embezzlement emerged in paperwork released by state auditors. Sandra Sacco...

  • climate change Feb 12

    Climate Change Concerns at Polluted Sites

    Connecticut’s most polluted former industrial sites could still pose a risk if remaining chemicals get unleashed in an extreme weather event due to climate change.

  • Catholic Church Feb 12

    Questions Of Faith: Exclusive Survey of Catholic Church Employees

    NBC Owned Television Stations across the country conducted an anonymous survey of Catholic Church employees. The results provide a unique perspective on how Catholics in America are served by their dioceses, parishes, schools and other ministries.

  • crumbling foundations Feb 7

    Webinar to Assist Homeowners with Crumbling Concrete Tax Questions

    Filling out and paying your taxes is tough enough.  Imagine if you’re dealing with a crumbling basement and have to sort out what that means for your tax situation. Congressman Joe Courtney and an IRS representative will host a webinar on the subject Monday, February 10, 2020 at 2 p.m.  It is open to the public.  In addition to discussing&#823...
  • social media Feb 7

    Dark Side of Social Media: How To Spot Fake Profiles

    No matter which social media platforms you prefer, the conversation online can often be filled with talk that is not from real people. Experts say there are billions of fake accounts out there and they can be tough to spot.

  • car taxes Feb 1

    Out-of-State Car Registration Crackdown

    Drive the streets of Connecticut, and you might have seen a lot of people sporting license plates from states with low or no car taxes, like Maine, New York, and New Jersey. While some may be visitors, registering a car out-of-state has long been used as a way to avoid paying Connecticut’s car tax.

  • connecticut politics Jan 19

    Working Group Recommends Quality Control Plan for Quarries

    A legislative working group has released a new quality control plan for quarries in light of the crumbling foundations problem afflicting many eastern Connecticut homeowners. The General Assembly’s Quarries Working Group, which has been meeting since September, also studied the workforce currently available to help homeowners repair their foundatio...
  • Nov 2, 2015

    Authorities Go After Cars With Out-of-State Plates

    If you have out-of-state license plates to avoid Connecticut car taxes, the tax man might be catching up with you soon.

  • public safety Jan 11

    Another Advance for Connecticut 911 On Horizon?

    There is new software coming to Connecticut that could save lives in the case of an emergency. It can pinpoint a 911 caller’s location and has the potential to save thousands of lives per year by getting first responders to people in distress faster.   “We need to make that next leap in technology”, said John Elsesser, chair of the......
  • Bloomfield Jan 10

    Abrupt Change At Top For Embattled Fire Department

    In a vote that took just a matter of minutes, the chairman of the Blue Hills Fire Commission was replaced by one of her fellow Commissioners to start the new year. Ariel Marzouca Jaunai, who chaired the commission for roughly the past two years, was ousted in a 2-1 vote.  Fellow commissioner Jacqueline Massey Greene will assume the chairman’s....
  • crumbling foundations Jan 9

    Mass. Estimates it Has 2000 Homes With Crumbling Concrete

    A newly released report estimated Massachusetts has as many as 2,000 homes with crumbling concrete, and it could cost $350 million to fix them. A special commission was formed in Massachusetts a few years after the discovery of the crumbling concrete problem in our state, a story broken by NBC Connecticut Investigates in 2015. The report said the d...
  • nbc connecticut responds Jan 3

    Burlington Family Surprised With a Bill for a Pre-Paid Funeral

    Lawrence Keller of Burlington said his parents Frederick and Helen Keller prepared well for their final resting place, but the family received a surprise bill after discovering the headstone engraving for their mother was not included in the pre-paid funeral package. “It’s always tough to see a parent decline,” said Lawrence Keller.  A debilit...
  • Holiday Returns Dec 29, 2019

    Connecticut Consumers Urged to Return Unwanted Gifts ASAP

    Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection is urging consumers to return or exchange unwanted holiday gifts as soon as possible. The agency typically receives about 500 complaints about refunds, credit, and exchanges each year. But the agency received 714 complaints in 2019. ″“We’re encouraging consumers to handle any returns or exchanges as s...
  • PFAS Dec 27, 2019

    PFAS: Connecticut’s Emerging Contaminant

    2 p.m. Saturday June 8, 2019: It came in as an activated fire alarm call, firefighting foam containing PFAS had been discharged after a malfunction from the foam system at a Signature Flight Support hangar at Bradley International Airport. Initially, airport officials thought the foam had been contained to airport property but hours later it surfac...
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