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  • NBC CT Responds Dec 30, 2022

    NBC CT Responds Recoups More Than $55K for Viewers in 2022

    As we near the end of the year, we hope you and yours have something to celebrate. Here at NBC Connecticut, we continue to cheer for our NBC CT Responds team, which works tirelessly to resolve your consumer complaints. Since 2016, we’ve had a producer helping viewers solve your consumer complaints. This fall, our team once again has a full-time&#82...
  • Southwest Airlines Dec 28, 2022

    Traveling for New Years? Stuck in Southwest Saga? Expert Offers Tips

    The Southwest saga continues. It’s been nearly a week since bad weather hit across the country and largely airlines have gotten back to normal, but not Southwest. As the U.S. Department of Transportation investigates, here’s how one travel expert, the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, Scott Keyes describes the operational chaos: “I think the best w...
  • Southwest Airlines Dec 27, 2022

    Southwest Flight Cancellations: What Passengers Need to Know

    Ten Southwest flights were canceled out of Bradley International Airport Tuesday. A day earlier, the carrier had canceled roughly 70% of its schedule around the country. If not you, you probably know of someone whose flight was cancelled. And with reduced operations the next couple of days, there seems like no end in sight for folks looking to rebo...
  • holiday gifts Dec 26, 2022

    Experts: Don't Like a Gift? Don't Wait to Return It

    During the season of giving, lots of gifts get exchanged. Chances are there’s something you or someone else might not like. As you start thinking about returns, Temple University Associate Professor of Marketing Sheri Lambert says many companies are now charging customers for return shipping. It just happened to NBC CT Responds consumer reporter Ca...
  • NBC CT Responds Dec 23, 2022

    Don't Lose Out on Your Hard-Earned Cash as FSA Deadline Looms

    Time is ticking to use your flexible spending funds. Every payday, millions of workers put money into their accounts to pay for certain out of pocket health expenses, but many don’t spend it and each year billions of dollars are given up. It’s a wise investment to put tax free cash into your flexible spending account, so don’t lose...

  • gift cards Dec 22, 2022

    NBC CT Responds Investigates Gift Card Grievances

    If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, gift cards are an easy get. But NBC CT Responds and our colleagues across the country have received more than 30 complaints about Vanilla gift cards just this year alone. “The lady tried it a couple of times, swiping it and it wouldn’t go through, so she said call the company,”...

  • NBC CT Responds Dec 20, 2022

    Holiday Travel Tips to Keep Spirits Bright

    The song says, “I’ll be home for Christmas.” Whether or not that comes true for millions of Americans this holiday, depends on that winter storm we’ve been talking about.

  • NBC CT Responds Dec 16, 2022

    ‘It's Much Bigger than Anyone Understands:' Warning Signs of Romance Scams

    From pandemic precautions keeping folks in their homes, feeling alone during the holidays, or whatever the case, people can feel isolated. That’s when romance scammers strike. Earlier this year, a Naugatuck woman shared her story with NBC CT Responds consumer reporter Caitlin Burchill. “One day this really handsome guy sent me a message — ‘He...
  • NBC CT Responds Dec 9, 2022

    Avoid Holiday Shopping Headaches: Check Third-Party Seller Policies at Checkout

    If you’re shopping online this holiday season, you’re going to want to do a double check when you check out after hearing this woman’s story. Deborah Taylor reached out to our NBC Responds team near Washington, D.C. when she couldn’t get a refund for a treadmill. Taylor bought the treadmill on Walmart.com after she recently had both of her......
  • Coventry Dec 8, 2022

    Lawmaker Addressing Abandoned Land Issue After NBC CT Responds Investigation

    Who is responsible if trees fall from abandoned land onto an occupied home? It’s a question State Rep. Tim Ackert is mulling over after watching an NBC CT Responds investigation. The Republican lawmaker says he’s thinking of drafting legislation, too. This week, we were there when Ackert met with the Coventry man featured in the NBC CT Responds rep...
  • Amazon Dec 7, 2022

    Delivery Delays: Mansfield Residents Say Amazon Packages Ship Sooner to Nearby Towns

    A tight-knit Connecticut community is up in arms about Amazon after online shoppers spotted what they say is a sluggish transit trend in town. “If you’re paying for a service, you should be getting that service,” said Marie Schlehofer, an Amazon Prime member who lives in the Mansfield village of Storrs. Lots of folks rely on online shopping during....
  • air travel Dec 2, 2022

    Keep Your Frequent Flyer, Loyalty Accounts Safe From Thieves

    If you’ve accumulated airline miles or any other loyalty points, you’re going to want to make sure they’re locked down. Especially after hearing this Texas man’s story. Ron Harris was at work when he got an email that 14,000 of his American Airlines miles were redeemed for an upcoming trip. Problem was, he wasn’t the one who redeemed them.......
  • Giving Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

    Giving Tuesday: What to Think About Before Clicking Donate

    It’s Giving Tuesday, which means your inbox, social media feeds and maybe even text messages are probably already starting to get donation requests. The Better Business Bureau says 40% of charitable donations are given in the last few weeks of the year. That means a lot of money is up for grabs, and scammers know this. You don’t want...

  • cyber monday Nov 28, 2022

    Shopping on Cyber Monday? Make Sure to Think Before You Click

    It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. That means it is Cyber Monday: a day to cash in on holiday shopping sales online. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is no longer a single-day event to get a great deal online. Retailers tend to be extending their deals and steals for longer periods of time. But while it’s easy to surf and...

  • black friday Nov 25, 2022

    Connecticut Shoppers Search for Savings on Black Friday

    ‘Tis the season – the holiday shopping season! The morning rain didn’t keep people from cashing in on good deals this Black Friday. But there’s no question that because most stores’ sales now last longer than just day, it’s not the crazy shopping chaos like we used to see. “Black Friday is a season. Retailers have been kicking off......
  • Middlebury Nov 22, 2022

    NBC CT Responds Helps Middlebury Couple Accused of Returning Rental Car Late

    Mike Eisenbach and his wife love to explore new places, not just to sight see, but to scope out where they may want to retire one day. But a rental car company really soured their latest trip, so that’s why they called NBC CT Responds. The Eisenbachs tell us they had a relaxing trip checking out some of Florida,...

  • Coventry Nov 21, 2022

    A Homeowner's Nightmare: Deserted Coventry Land Causing Problems for Neighbor

    There’s a piece of land in Coventry that has no owner, and it’s causing quite a headache for a neighboring homeowner. Do you know who owns the parcels of land around your property? You may want to, after hearing Dana Markie’s story. Markie has dreamed of living in Coventry by Wangumbaug Lake. “We bought this place a couple of...

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