CT Man's Motor City Mission

A New Haven man went right to the source to help GM with its declining car sales. He flew all the way to Detroit to buy a new Chevy Camero and is driving it back home.

Stu Mandel says he doesn’t mind going to great lengths to get the car he’s been dreaming about for years or to pump some life into a car company he trusts.

“I’m thrilled to buy American when America produces the kind of product that I want," Mandel says the 2010 Chevy Camero is exactly what he’s been eyeing since last year.

He first spotted it at the 2008 Auto Show when GM rolled out the cars fifth generation.

“The minute I saw the car, I said that looks like something special," explains Mandel.

So this self proclaimed “car guy,” he also owns a 1956 Bel Air, saved up his pennies and bought American, again.

But he didn’t go to his local car dealership. Until Thursday Mandel had only seen
e-mailed pictures of his silver Camero. It was parked close to 700 miles away from home, at a Detroit car dealership.

Now they’re driving it home, a trip that’ll take them about 11½ hours plenty of time for Mandel to get to know his new Camero.

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