Racist Graffiti Found Scrawled in Connecticut College Bathrooms

Connecticut College officials are looking for the person or persons responsible for racist graffiti found in the bathrooms on the first floor of the Crozier-Williams building in New London.

The college was alerted at 12:15 p.m. on Sunday. Campus safety officials are investigating and the graffiti was removed, according to an email Dean of Student Life Victor Arcelus and Director of Campus Safety Stewart Smith sent to students and the college community. Photos shared with NBC Connecticut show writing on a bathroom wall that says "No" followed by the "N" word plural.

"Given the egregious nature of the graffiti, we are enlisting the campus community to help us to identify those responsible,"  the letter from Arcelus and Smith said.

Officials said that staff members for the Offices of Student Life and the Dean of the College will be available to provide support to students who have concerns.

Deborah MacDonnell, the director of public relations at Connecticut College, says the graffiti is "antithetical to the values of the College." 

She goes on to say that the graffiti was removed and the incident is being investigated.

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