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Meet Fundies, the Underwear Built for Two

This Valentine's Day, get into your crush's pants. Literally.



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    Does your Valentine deserve a pair of Fundies?

    In the home stretch to February 14 -- day of roses, chocolates, and merch in the "sexy gag gift" category (edible boxers, pasta shaped like naughty bits, etc.) -- here are five things you need to know about Fundies:

    1. They're underpants built for two. Yes, really.
    2. "Fundies" is also sometimes used as slang to refer to religious fundamentalists. We believe the two are unrelated.
    3. According to the manufacturer, "Half the fun is getting in them. The other half is up to you."
    4. Apparently, Fundies have been around for 20 years (yet we've only heard of them now. We feel cheated). Which means you might have been conceived as a direct result of a pair of Fundies.
    5. Fundies retail for $9.99 at