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Man Arrested After Shipping Marijuana to Wrong Person: Cops



    Norwalk Police
    Police arrested a California man when a shipment of marijuana winds up going to the wrong person.

    A shipping mistake is causing some big problems for a California man after police intercepted 14 pounds of marijuana.

    Police said Edward Walker, 40, of Clear Lake, California shipped 14 pounds of marijuana to a Norwalk address of someone who had no idea what was in the boxes.

    When a Norwalk Police Department service dog detected the drugs in the packages, an undercover officer called Walker on the phone.

    Thinking the boxes were incorrectly delivered, Walker made arrangements for the boxes to be returned and to be delivered to the correct customer, police said.

    On Thursday, Walker flew from California to Norwalk, with plans to meet the undercover officer on Connecticut Avenue, and negotiated for the package to be returned, police said.

    Additional officers showed up and Walker was arrested as he attempted to take possession of the marijuana.

    He was charged with drug possession, illegal manufacture and distribution of marijuana, sale possession of marijuana and additional charges.

    He was held on a $500,000 bond.