New Haven Deli Shuttered After Workplace Violations Found

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    A New Haven is deli is shutting its doors after the investigators with the state Department of Labor reportedly found a string of workplace violations there.

    The Dept. of Labor announced Tuesday that it has issued a Stop Work Order for J&B Deli Grocery at 1147 Chapel Street in New Haven. The eatery is run by John and Cheong Rhee of Hamden.

    Investigators found that employees worked more than 60 hours per week without proper overtime pay and many were not receiving minimum wage. Workers were also paid in cash, payroll records were not properly kept and the deli couldn’t show evidence of workers’ compensation coverage.

    “This is a case where an employer is taking unfair advantage of their employees and also cheating the state by not paying the proper taxes or providing worker protections, such as unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation,” said State Labor Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer, in a statement. “Not only are these employees being treated incorrectly as independent contractors, they are working long hours at less than the minimum wage, and without required overtime pay.”

    The deli must show proof of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance coverage before it can reopen. It will also need to provide the Dept. of Labor with accurate payroll records and documentation of proper employee compensation.

    The owners could be fined $300 per week for each employee who has worked without being listed on the payroll.