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House on Cliff on Verge of Falling Into Lake



    (Published Thursday, June 12, 2014)

    A large home built on a limestone cliff overlooking Lake Whitney in Texas is in danger of falling into the lake, after a large chunk of ground beneath the home slid into the water below.

    Another piece of the cliff broke off Tuesday night, sending soil and part of the $700,000 home on the 1200 block of Overlook Court 75 feet down into the water, county officials told The Associated Press.

    In the latest collapse, part of the home's back porch and bedrooms buckled and tumbled onto the ground and into the lake, exposing much of the vacant home's interior.

    A large crack in the ground can also be seen extending dozens of yards past the home and down into the cliff face, raising fears that another slice of land could shear off at any moment.

    NBC 5 talked to a Brandy McMillion who saw the home while boating on the lake.

    "I was like, let's pray for these people for one," McMillion said. "Second of all, how are they going to get their things out? How is that possible, you know? How did that happen?"

    The family moved out of the home after they found a large crack in the wall that foreshadowed the home's inevitable future.  After an inspection of the crack, the $700,000 home was condemned.

    NBC 5's Amanda Guerra and Julie Fine contributed to this report.