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These Are the Most-Googled Super Bowl Recipes in Every State

Many Americans appear to be united on their love for dip, but vary on type from state-to-state

What's better than chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday?

Well, if you live in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kansas or Missouri, home to one of the teams playing in the championship game, it's the deconstructed version: buffalo chicken dip.

That's according to a Google Trends analysis of the most searched Super Bowl recipes in each state.

In Florida, where the home state Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs, recipes for good ol' classic wings still reigns supreme.

Many Americans appear to be united on their love for dip, but vary on type from state-to-state. Besides the six states who favor a buffalo chicken dip, another four prefer a seven-layer dip, while Iowa stands alone with a crab rangoon dip.

While traditional finger foods like sliders, tacos and pigs in a blanket made the cut in some states, others look to be pulling out all the stops this weekend with Korean BBQ in Georgia, Cajun boil in Illinois and Jambalaya in Kentucky. In Pennsylvania, residents are changing things up, replacing the Philly cheesesteak for a Cuban sandwich, instead.

Only two state appear to have a sweet tooth this year, with Texas searching for chocolate chip cookie recipes and Wyoming opting for a healthy desert containing chia seeds and coconut milk.

Check out the map below to find out what’s popular in your state, and to get some recipe inspiration.

Super Bowl Recipes searched by state
Google Trends
From coast to coast, these are the most-searched Super Bowl party foods in every state, according to Google Trends.
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