crumbling foundations

Mass. Estimates it Has 2000 Homes With Crumbling Concrete

A new report estimates repairs to the homes with crumbling concrete could cost $350 million.

A newly released report estimated Massachusetts has as many as 2,000 homes with crumbling concrete, and it could cost $350 million to fix them.

A special commission was formed in Massachusetts a few years after the discovery of the crumbling concrete problem in our state, a story broken by NBC Connecticut Investigates in 2015.

The report said the defective concrete comes from the same Connecticut quarry and now-defunct concrete company that supplied it to an estimated  5,000 homes in our state.

It suggested Massachusetts prohibit any future use of the aggregate from that quarry in any residential or commercial construction.

The report also recommended Massachusetts set up a program like Connecticut to help homeowners pay the estimated $150,000 it costs to remove a concrete basement, and replace it.

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