10/19: Wild Things and Wine


DO THEY PLAY "WE ARE FAMILY"?:  They're one of the most popular wedding bands in the state, but you don't need a tux or a bridesmaid's dress to see The Cartells tonight.  They are playing Mohegan Sun's Wolf Den.  The group boasts the ability to adapt any style, from Toni Braxton to Tony Bennett.  It's a free 21+ show.  8pm.

WHAT FOLIAGE MIGHT TASTE LIKE:  Head to Bellini's tonight in South Windsor for their "Flavors of Autumn Wine Dinner."  The four course meal includes pan-seared scallops, almond and chestnut bisque, braised pork belly and chocolate semi fredo.  Of course what would a self-respecting wine dinner be without wine?  Each course was carefully crafted to be paired with wines.  Michael Petrizzo from Vias Imports will be your host for the evening.  It's $49.50 per person, and reservations are required (call 860-432-3461).  6:30pm.

WILD THINGS:  Tonight may be the perfect night to run to your local multiplex, and catch "Where the Wild Things Are."  It may be a kids movie, but hey, we're all kids at heart (and who hasn't read the book?).  It's playing across the state, on regular screens and the uber-screens, IMAX.  By all accounts, it's a beautifully shot movie, and should look great on the big screen (we have a slide-show of images from the film).  And going to a show on a school night will probably help you avoid all those wild and crazy kids!

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