Enter a New Magical Land

It’s no Harry Potter. There are no hunky-hot vampires. And no, computers will not be taking over the world.

But Magestry will be!

This Friday, June 26 is the start of the two-day live-action role playing game Magestry on 50-acres of Schreiber’s Farm in Oxford.

I guess the best way to describe it is this: a video game where you can actually "play" without the controllers and screen.

So, enter the imaginary world of Magesta where you can be anyone you want to be, as long as it follows the 100-page rule book!

Stephen Hall, a die-hard Magesty supporter, is the average Joe of magestrans. He describes himself as "a 6'3" half-dwarf who spends his time training in the psionic arts and crafting weapons and armor.

When not smithing or meditating, he can be found fighting whatever happens to be trying to kill him at the moment.

This fantasy world has been designed to give the player flexibility in building and playing his or her character. You’ll be sure to see many elements from classic fantasy literature, such as goblins, elves and magic.

So, if you are having a bit of an identity crisis, or just want to revert back to childhood, try it out!

The fee for 48 hours of this fun is only $60.

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