Great CT Escapes to Beat The Stress

You’re sitting at your cubicle. Your co-workers see someone focused intently on the computer in front of them. YOU, on the other hand, see nothing but a blur. Your jaw is so tight that you are grinding your teeth. Your blood pressure is rising. Your temples are pounding. And if you type any harder, your fingers are going to break the keys.

Sounds like somebody needs some stress relief.
We’re with you. That’s why we’ve traveled across the state with the help of our aspiring journalists Jenna and Dana, to find the best ways to blow off some steam.

The Happiness Course- Buddha’s all about smacking the attitude off your face and replacing it with a little peace. At The Ananda Center in New Canaan, they offer inexpensive classes to help you find inner peace, love, and freedom through meditation.
Hot and Naked- Well yeah, we're talking about Bikram Yoga. They’ll crank up the heat (quite literally) and put you in 26 different positions. Some studios (not including the one we found – Bikram Yoga Norwalk) even let you do it sans-clothing. The heat facilitates deeper stretching and all sorts of other good stuff.
Punch Somebody- You know there are days you want to sucker punch your boss. Save your strength – and your job – and instead take a boxing class. Westport Boxing offers some great instructors that will teach you everything from boxing and fight conditioning to mixed martial arts. And Chuck Norris has been there… which scores points in our book.
Whirly Ball- Combine jai-alai, lacrosse, basketball, hockey, and bumper cars. Now throw in a little road rage and you’ve got one of the coolest stress busters on the planet. It’s tough to explain, so you’ll just have to check it out yourself. But one of the coolest parts is that in order to play, you have to assemble a team of 10 people (the coworkers you hate?). Now slam into them with a bumper car and watch the stress melt away.
Tanning- Just because you can't afford to go to the islands doesn't mean you can't afford to LOOK like you did.  You can find all sorts of tanning salons across the state.  To appease our legal folks, we'll remind you to check with your doctor if you're concerned.  And if UV beds that look like coffins aren't your thing, there are always those spray tans - like this place in Newington.  And close your mouth.

The Spa- How about a little splurge?  Head over to the spa for a little pampering.  Shear Artistry in Avon will pleasure the ladies with everything from a deep sea detox to mud wraps.  And guys can take a little weight off their backs with a good waxing.  Oh, give me a break... you know it's time for some manscaping.

Jump- Launching yourself off a bridge isn't the way to go.  Skydiving is.  It's the kind of stress relief where it's okay to change your mind during the fall... you'll make it out okay.  Nothing makes your worries go away like plunging towards the earth really, really fast.  Suddenly that TPS report doesn't seem like such a big deal.  We found a place to dive in Ellington.

Move It- Shake the stress out.  Move your booty in a Zumba class like those we found in Milford or New Haven.  It's a hot and spicy dance workout that will burn off frustration and calories.  The music will keep your energy cranked all day.  Guys, don't give me that look.  You'll meet some good looking ladies there.  Give it a shot.

Wam, Bam, Slam- Women's Roller Derby.  You don't even have to play, you can just watch and your stress will melt away.  The game involves a bunch of women on skates essentially beating the crap out of each other.  They sure love it... and you will too.  They play all over the state and tickets are pretty cheap.

Karaoke- Whether you've been "Shot through the heart", or you "Wanna be sedated", perhaps there's no better way to blow off steam than to throw back a few beers and make a complete fool out of yourself.  They've got karaoke all over the state, such as Gotham Citi Cafe in New Haven.  But listen, Bon Jovi Jr., keep in mind that the video of your drunken performance WILL end up on YouTube.  And your coworkers WILL mock you mercilessly on Monday.

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