Clark’s Botanicals Founder’s Courageous Story Now in Hardcover!


LOVE POTION: The personal stories behind some products and their founders usually make them stand apart from the plethora of beauty and skin lines we're presented with each season. Under these guidelines, Francesco Clark's story of why he founded skin care line, Clark's Botanicals, is a real selling point to us. Sadly enough, the collection is the result of a tragedy: a 2002 diving accident left 24-year-old Clark with a crippling spinal injury. Not only was Clark movement impaired, but he also lost his ability to sweat, leaving him with constant skin complications. With suffering not being an option, Clark teamed up with his father, a physician, to develop a collection designed to soothe and balance all kinds of skin with delicate balances of essential oils.

Our favorites include the modest but flattering Rachel Red lip tint and the Anti-Puff Eye Cream, a highly concentrated lotion of Vitamins K, A and E. To further justify our love for these products, we should also note that a percentage of profits go to The Reeve Foundation, where Clark serves as a national ambassador.

BUY IT: Find the full Clark's Botanicals collection online at and Saks Fifth Avenue and look for Clark's memoir, Walking Papers, released this month from Hyperion Books.

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