Emergency Phone Service Restored

Can You Hear Me Now? -Yes!

Emergency phone service had been restored in the towns of Windsor Locks and Winchester late Sunday afternoon after unrelated incidents knocked 911 service in each community.

While police in both communities said there were no problems or delays Sunday as a result of the interrupted service, the loss left some residents a bit on edge.

"Fires or the like. Anything like that would be bad for our town," said David Hubbard of Winchester.

Calls to 911 just stopped coming into Winchester dispatch a little after 11 a.m. Sunday.  Police were not sure what caused the glitch, but for about 5 hours, every emergency call was rerouted to Torrington.

Eerily, Windsor Locks police had similar issues.  Their service was interrupted around 6:00 Saturday night.

Calls to Windsor Locks 911 were answered by State Police and by surrounding towns.  The calls were rerouted to Windsor Locks dispatch by a hard line.

The problem in Windsor Locks appeared to be wet cables.  A-T-&-T crews repaired the cables and service was restored around five Sunday afternoon.

Police departments in both communities insisted there were no delays from the redirected calls.

At least one Winchester resident expressed relief when service was restored.

"Thankfully, nothing major happened," said Dawn Gillotti of Winchester.

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