Man Drowns Jumping Off New Haven Pier

Community wants to prevent future drowning deaths off a New Haven pier

Days after a Massachusetts man accidentally drowned after jumping off a fishing pier at New Haven's Lighthouse Point Park, people in the community are wondering who is responsible for stopping the dangerous behavior. 

The New Haven Police Department says there’s no law against jumping off the pier into the Long Island Sound. But the city’s parks department says it’s against park rules, and they have the rules clearly spelled out on a sign at the beginning of the pier. 

Bob Levine heads up the city's parks and says workers patrol this area, but when they tell someone not to jump, many times, people don't listen.

"People hear them say that and sometimes they’ll jump off before they get there because they see the golf cart coming sometimes,  even with a police officer there, they’ll jump off  because once they’re in the water, they’re kind of away from where they can be disciplined in any way," said Levine.

Taylor Tinney from New Haven was at the park today with her family. She says parks workers should do more, but added,  "If he’s old enough, he should know not to jump."

The parks department says they won't be adding more parks patrols, but will be adding more signs in Spanish.

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