Steve Martin Brings the Banjo to Torrington

Steve Martin, the "Wild and Crazy Guy," arrives in Torrington on June 30, banjo in hand, to take the stage with "The Steep Canyon Rangers," a bluegrass group.

It's taken a while for the world to see Martin's musical side.

The 65-year old famous comedian and actor first earned honors as a television writer in the 1960s on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” and then the “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” and when Steve Allen gave him a shot on the air, the comedian turned a corner.

In “Saturday Night Live's” early days, Martin introduced viewers to The Wild and Crazy Guys from Czechoslovakia and played the banjo.

Martin's come a long way since wearing rabbit ears or an arrow on his head and singing about the pharaoh prince "King Tut."

He's starred in movies and written screenplays and his banjo playing is no longer a way to transition from one comedic segment to another. It's the focus of a night of entertainment.

The Steep Canyon Rangers perform June 30 at the Warner Theater in Torrington.

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