Swingers Group Shut Down

E-mailed photos of risqué behavior led police to Club 91 and the Beverly Hills Suites in Windsor Locks.
They said on weekends the club would run "Swingers Groups" where men and women came to either engage in or watch sexual activity.  When police ran a sting operation last month, they said they witnessed it first hand.
On the evening of November 8, 2008, police report seeing 60 to 70 people inside the club.  All of them paid a $40 admission to get in.
Police arrested the three men who they said organized the "Swingers Groups." Nicholas Maulucci faces obscenity and public indecency charges while Brian True and Sharok Jacobi face criminal liability to commit those two charges. Liquor law violations at the club included smoking inside a public building, nudity, sex acts, not serving food and improper use of a service bar.
However, the two attorneys representing True and Jacobi said they maintain their clients' innocence.
"At this time the only thing we can say is that we are denying the allegations," said Aaron Romano, the attorney for Brian True.
"As far as the substance of the charges go, it's very early. I've recently been retained. I haven't had a chance to look at the file. It would be inappropriate to comment at this time, other than to assure you my client maintains his innocence," said J. Patten Brown, the attorney for Jacobi.
For more information on this story, go to the Journal Inquirer.
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