The Closest Thing to Being Nude from American Apparel

Springfield Police

TRUE COLORS: Despite questionable business practices and an even more questionable CEO, American Apparel still remains our top choice for - no, not for plain cotton T's — but believe it or not, for nail polish. AA's dabbling in beauty supplies is minimal, but their polishes  are always straight forward and true to trend, offering a large palette of the season's hottest colors at a tempting price of 3 for $15. If you're seeking a mint green that channels Chanel or a peachy pink reminiscent of that sold-out summer Essie shade, look no further than these rich creamy paints, we just ask you ditch the thigh-high sport socks before applying.

BUY IT: Find American Apparel Nail Lacquer at American Apparel in New Haven or online for $6/bottle.

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