“Threat” Stops Train Service

Train service through New London was stopped for about two hours after a suspicious package was found at the Greyhound Bus Station next to the train station in New London. 

Officials called Amtrak at 10:35 a.m. and told them to stop train traffic scheduled to go through the station because of a package that contained small electronic devices and coaxial cables.

The package was blown up on Tuesday afternoon and the streets were re-opened.

Three trains were affected and State Street in New London were closed as emergency crews responded.

A passenger on a train from Boston to New York said through Twitter that she has been stopped in Groton since before 11 a.m., because of a suspicious package. Another passenger said the train is stopped because of a “serious security issue.”

The Day of New London reports that police dogs were brought in, police to close several streets and a Boston-bound regional train and a Washington-bound Acela train were both stopped outside of New London.

Police said they have good information about the owner of the bag.

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