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How the Federal COVID-19 Relief Bill Will Help People, Businesses in Conn.

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The federal COVID-19 relief bill will send more than $4 billion to Connecticut and that money will help small businesses all over the state that are struggling to stay afloat amid the ongoing pandemic.

The help is coming for different sectors within the state.

Some of the money will be allocated toward unemployment benefits, rental assistance and will provide direct payments to the public.

Governor Ned Lamont said of the $4 billion that the state is set to receive, $1.6 billion will be invested in direct payments, $695 million will be used for unemployment benefits and $237 million will be used for rental assistance.

Congress has passed a new $900 billion dollar COVID-19 relief package aimed at providing aid to struggling families and businesses. Here is what Americans can expect from it.

Businesses can also anticipate some assistance. State leaders are formulating a plan to hand out what's known as the CARES Grant, specifically designed to give 10,000 small businesses a one-time grant of $5,000.

State leaders are urging businesses to contact their bank right now to determine if they're eligible for any PPP loans or connect with any of the state's local partners.

"This program is really targeted to our hardest hit industries," said state Dept. of Economic Community Development Deputy Commissioner Glendowlyn Thames.

"No application is required. We're estimating that the final eligibility pool would be about 2,000 businesses," Thames added.

The new COVID relief bill will offer a range of help for Connecticut, from unemployment to direct payments to help for small businesses, and more.

Live entertainment venues like the Xfinity Music Hall in Hartford are eligible for the grants, too. Business for the last couple of months has been non-existent, but the hope is that this relief bill will be a much-needed spark to help a struggling industry.

Later today, both Senator Blumenthal and Lt. Governor Bysiewicz are holding events to discuss the impact of relief efforts for the arts.

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