Indoor Track, Competitive Cheer & Dance Will Have Seasons After All: CIAC

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The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference has made some adjustments to winter high school sports that originally were not allowed to compete due to COVID-19 restrictions.

After consulting with the Department of Public Health, the CIAC will allow virtual competition for competitive cheerleading and competitive dance beginning March 1. Student athletes will be required to wear masks during the competitions, with an exception for brief removal of masks for those performing stunts, lifts, tumbling, and other acrobatics, according to the CIAC.

Schools will also be able to begin indoor track dual meets beginning March 1. Athletes competing in running events must wear masks. Those competing in jumping events will be allowed to remove their mask during the approach and the jump, but must put the mask back on after the jump is complete.

Wrestling will still be limited to non-contact skill-building activities.

Spring sports activities will begin on March 27, with competitions beginning on April 10. The regular season will end on May 27 and the CIAC plans on holding traditional spring sports tournaments from June 1-13. The CIAC is currently working on COVID mitigation plans for all spring sports.

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