LaBonne's Markets to Take Customers' Temperatures

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LaBonne's Markets, a family-owned chain of grocery stores in Connecticut, will begin taking the temperature of customers coming into its stores on Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, LaBonne's said during the coronavirus pandemic, it wants to keep its 420 employees and 30,000 weekly customers safe.

"Starting tomorrow, we will be checking the temperature of every associate before they start their shift. We will also be checking the temperature of every customer who will be shopping in our stores on a daily basis," Bob LaBonne, Jr. posted.

Any customer who refuses to have their temperature taken, will not be allowed in the store, he said.

"I would like to again thank all our amazing people for their hard work and dedication to serving our communities," LaBonne said. "To our customers, thank you for your patience and understanding during these very difficult times in all our lives. We will get through this if we adhere to all the best practices to keep people safe.

LaBonne told NBC Connecticut that his employees are embracing the move and that reaction overall has been positive, though he has seen some negativity on social media about concerns about HIPAA and ADA compliance.

He explained that they will not be asking for names or recording any of the temperature information. The infrared thermometers work from a distance, so no touching is necessary.

“I feel if it’s going to make our stores safer for shoppers and associates that we can’t go far enough to do this," LaBonne said.

LaBonne's Markets has locations in Watertown, Woodbury, Salisbury, and Prospect.

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