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Keith Grant, APRN, Senior System Director of Infection Prevention, talks about reaching the milestone of testing 100,000 people for COVID-19 in the state of Connecticut.

Hartford HealthCare has expanded its COVID-19 testing capabilities.

  • Hartford HealthCare offers drive-up testing centers at convenient locations throughout the state.
  • Hartford HealthCare offers same-day, on-site evaluation and testing at our urgent care centers throughout Connecticut.
  • Hartford HealthCare offers tests for adults and children of all ages, when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Hartford HealthCare offers mobile testing at areas around the state.

This service allows anyone to be tested safely, without leaving their vehicles.

About the test:

  • Patients drive up to the testing site.
  • The test is performed or guided by a healthcare provider outfitted in protective clothing, including a gown, goggles, mask and gloves.
  • There are two types of tests. Both are effective in diagnosing COVID-19. In one , a clinician uses a long swab to sample in the back of the patient's nose. In the other test, the patient (under supervision of the clinician) swabs the inside of both nostrils.
  • The clinician collects the sample and it is sent for evaluation .
  • After testing, patients are given follow-up instructions and information about self-isolation .
  • Patients will receive their results through MyChart or by phone within 7 - 10 days.

Visit HartfordHealthCare.org/Coronavirus for more information or call 860.972.8100.

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