Police Identify Mother of 2-Year-Old Found Wandering Alone in Hartford

Hartford police spent about three hours searching for the parents of a 2-year-old girl who was found wandering alone in her pajamas and flip-flops on Shultas Place Wednesday until her mother realized through a Facebook post that her child was alone.

Emilio Vazquez spotted the little girl around 8:45 a.m. Wednesday while tending to an apartment building he owns, went outside after realizing that she was unaccompanied and called the police.

"I found the little girl walking on the street and I asked the little girl 'Where was her mom,' and she said she was at work, so I called 911," Vazquez said.

Police went door-to-door in search of the child’s parents and eventually received a phone call from the child’s mother.

A resident in the area posted a Facebook Live of police searching and that's how the mother found out what was happening, contacted police and said she realized it was her street and her child.

The mother, who works as a professional at a local hospital, told police she left the child in the care of an aunt in an apartment. Police said there was a miscommunication between the aunt and another person about who was responsible for watching the child, and the little girl wandered outside, where she was eventually found.

The child is safe, healthy and with Department of Children and Families, Hartford police Deputy Chief Brian Foley said. DCF and Hartford police will conduct a follow-up investigation to ensure that the family situation is in order, but it does not appear this incident was criminal in nature.

The girl will be reunited with her family.

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