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Police Turn Extra Attention to City's Homeless During Bitter Cold



    Hartford police spent the frigid night urging those without a home to seek shelter and avoid the cold temperatures. (Published Friday, Jan. 3, 2014)

    The bitterly cold temperatures has Hartford police officers keeping a close eye on the city's homeless.
    "He mentioned that he's homeless and that he's been on the street for over four years now," said Hartford Police Officer Rob Murtha.

      Tonight Murtha found that man walking alone in an alley downtown and took him someplace warm to spend the night.
    "A gentleman who was a little bit intoxicated and had nowhere to go, and we provided the assistance. We got him to a shelter so at least tonight he'll be safe and warm," said Murtha.
    With temperatures continuing to drop and the City of Hartford expected to reach temperatures it hasn't seen in nearly two decades, those on patrol are making sure no one spends the night outside.
    Officer Murtha drove around the city and he searched under bridges looking for anyone who may be left out in the cold.
    For this frigid January night, it seems many of the city's homeless have abandoned their regular spots and heeded warnings from city leaders. With sub-zero temperatures expected in Hartford, it's urgent everyone has a place to escape the bitter chill.
    "Regardless of how many layers they might be wearing or how many blankets they have, any extended period of time in these conditions is going to be life-threatening," said Murtha.
    Hartford police officers will continue to help bring people out of the cold and into shelters until temperatures warm up.