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Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteers Needed



    Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteers Needed
    Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Connecticut “Big Brother” Tracey May and his “Little Brother”, Troy, are featured in a series of radio and TV public service announcements to promote the Connecticut Broadcasters Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters’ joint campaign to recruit more volunteer adult mentors for youth in the state. The campaign will be held during January 2013 – “National Mentoring Month.”

    January is National Mentoring Month and the Connecticut Broadcasters Association has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to encourage more mentors to come forward.  

    Tracey May, who has been a ‘Big Brother’ to 11-year-old Troy Crowe and another boy for several months, said the experience has been rewarding in every way.   

    “They're doing better in school, they seem to be more productive, they seem to be happy and it just gives me great satisfaction that I’m making, even in a little way,  a big difference in their lives” May said.

    CBA has been running a series of television and radio spots to promote the mentoring program.  

    CBA’s Kathy Browne, a former ‘Big Sister’ herself, said there are more than 1,000 children on the waiting list who want to be matched.  

    If you think you might be interested in volunteering, visit