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Former UConn Waterbury Buildings Boarded Up



    Waterbury leased the old UConn campus to a Yeshiva school, and some of the property is blighted. The Mayor is outraged and wants to find out if the city or the Yeshiva is responsible for upkeep. (Published Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013)

    The University of Connecticut Waterbury campus moved downtown years ago, but some of the bulidings at the old campus have deteriorated so badly, the city mayor sent police to document the damage.

    Workers boarded up the windows of the old administration building on Thursday. It may be on Buckingham Street, but it's no palace.

    As the landlord of the buildings, the city government could be responsible for their maintenance. The tenant is a group that operates a Jewish religious school called a yeshiva, but the group hasn't been using the damaged buildings.

    The area is strewn with garbage and shows evidence of vandalism. People passing through the neighborhood think the complex might make a good homeless shelter.

    "I think they should open them to make a bigger homeless shelter," said Elizabeth Whitaker, who is homeless and looking for a place to stay. "I can't get admission to the homeless shelter."

    Most of the campus is in much better shape, but it's closed until the end of next week for the Jewish holidays.