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Cops Bust Pot Grow House, Find 158 Plants

Police said the grow house in Norwalk was elaborate.



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    Police arrested a Norwalk man accused of running an elaborate marijuana growing operation out of his house.

    Norwalk police busted an elaborate marijuana grow house on Thursday and found 158 marijuana plants.

    Police said investigators received information that Matthew Rysz, 40, of 28 Edlie Ave. in Norwalk, was operating a hydroponic “grow” of marijuana inside his house.

    They investigated and arrested Ryszon Thursday after finding a large marijuana growing operation.

    Police said Rysz had built an elaborate growing system in the basement, which included a high-powered lighting system to grow the plants, irrigation and drainage system and a ventilation system to ventilate the marijuana smell and the heat from the lights out of the basement.

    Investigators also found several gallons of growing supplements and seized 158 marijuana plants all in different stages of growth.

    Police said most of the plants were mature and ready for harvesting, some were still months from maturing and there were several trays of seedlings.

    Rysz was arrested and held on a $15,000 bond.

    He was charged with drug possession, illegal cultivation of marijuana and operation of a drug factory, as well as additional charges.