Flipping Bed, Fashion Friend and a Levitating Laptop

Kids in Connecticut are crafty and three young inventors showed tomorrow’s inventions to Ellen DeGeneres Thursday.

Kyle, 10, of East Hampton invented the “Flip-O-Bed.” The inspiration came from his desire to have an air hockey table in his room. The problem? There was not room for the table and a bed.

His mother said he could have the table or the bed. The budding inventor came up with a way to have both: the “Flip-O-Bed.
Gabrielle, 8, from Marlborough, invented the “Fashion Friend.” To see what her outfit will look like before she leaves the house, she puts it on her fashion friend.  

“I invented the Fashion Friend, because in the morning I have a problem,” Benson told Ellen.

Kyle, 11, of Marlborough, invented the “Laptop Levitator.”

His mom’s friend has back problems and she has to lie down for extended periods to heal her back.

“She is a writer and now she can lie down to write,” he said. His contraption goes over you, so the laptop is suspended above you.

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Theses students participated in Connecticut’s Invention. 

The 26th annual CT Invention Convention will be held at UConn's Gampel Pavilion on May 2.

More than 5,000 people will be there, including 650 of Connecticut's best young inventors from 80-120 schools across the state.  

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