Another Vernon Home Burglarized

Danielle Coffill came home Friday evening to a crime scene ather house in Vernon.

There was no sign of forced entry and the doors were locked, but the Coffills began noticing items were gone and a window was unlocked.

"As the night went on, we noticed more and more things missing," said Coffill.

Power tools were taken, and a stolen laptop had to be replaced.

The thief even swiped $8 from the change jar. Nearly $2,000 worth of items were gone just like that in the middle of the day with their neighbor on the second floor home the entire time.

"It makes me think someone would come in even if we were home," said Coffill.

With news that convicted felon Luis Galan, who'd been on the run for two months, was arrested on Monday after attempting to steal from a home half a mile away, they hope there's a connection because knowing their thief was behind bars would bring them peace of mind.

"Just give us closure, especially for the kids because they think someone's going to come back," said Coffill.

Police say they're looking into that possibility and that the investigation is ongoing.

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