Apple Watch Found at Dodd Stadium in Norwich

Someone is looking for an Apple watch found at Dodd Stadium on Wednesday night.

One Redditor posted on the r/Connecticut page that he found an Apple watch when he left a game at the stadium in Norwich. 

The Sprague man told NBC Connecticut he was at the game with his 7-year-old twin boys and father. At the end of the game, the kids were allowed to run the bases, so they hung back and were one of the last people to leave. 

Before leaving, the man said he noticed the watch under seats while they were walking by and all the vendors and the information booth were closed.

"I called the next morning to report it, and the person I spoke with at Dodd said the owner called looking for it, but they misplaced their number, so I left my contact info with them," the man told NBC Connecticut.

If you lost your Apple watch at Dodd Stadium in Norwich on Wednesday and can provide the serial number listed on the back of the box it came from, please call the stadium at (860) 887-7962. 

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