Baby Squirrels Found With Tails Tied Together: Animal Hospital

Four baby squirrels found with their tails tied together are recovering and part of one squirrel's tail had to be amputated, according to Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital in Berlin. 

Hopsital staff said the animals were found on a property in Beacon Falls and brought in Thursday afternoon. Hospital staff determined that the tails had been tangled, braided and purposefully tied together.

Knotting can happen in the wild, according to the animal hospital, but the Facebook post says the tails were braided and tied together with a human-made object.

”You would see debris and stuff stuck in there. Tree sap, fecal matter, urine, fishing line -- something that they got tangled up in by accident, but nothing. They were just clean little squirrels tied together,” Anthony DiBella, a technician at Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital Technician, said.

baby squirrels
Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital
A baby squirrel being nursed at the Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital after it was found with its tail tied to another squirrel's.

DiBella said all the tails were broken and one of them has been partially amputated. The squirrels are recovering but they are even more terrified of human touch. DeBella said they will be sent to a licensed rehabber as early as Saturday. The rehabber will decide when and where to release them.

The hospital says if you come across an animal in distress in the wild, you can call the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, your local animal control department or a licensed rehabber.

Squirrel Xray
Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital

A complaint was filed with Beacon Falls Animal Control.

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