Matt Finkel

Beautiful Lives Project Offers Memorable Experience for People With Special Needs

The Beautiful Lives Project hosted an event at New Britain Stadium on Saturday to give people with disabilities an opportunity to participate in events at the ballpark that they might not have previously been able to.

Bees color commentator Bryce Weiler, who is blind, spoke before the game offering up some inspirational words to those in attendance. He also wrote fans’ names in braille so that they could experience what it is like to read braille.

Bryce is hoping his actions and ongoing effort to include people of all different kinds of needs will inspire others to follow their passions.

“That should be something that’s taken all across the world and country, where people with special needs are given opportunities to do whatever job or employment they’d like to take part in,” said Weiler.

“For what he does for the community, Bryce is an inspiration,” added Bees account executive Sal Scarpati. “He keeps me going every day.”

“He very selfless. He’s talking about all the people around him but really he’s made most of this happen on his own,” said Bees owner Anthony Iacobone. “He’s built a pretty good organization helping others like himself have inclusion in programs like this.”

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