Boy Scouts' Fundraising Flamingos Stolen

The Boy Scouts motto is “be prepared,” but a troop in Southington was not prepared for the unpleasant discovery made earlier this week when about 20 pink flamingos they had been using for a fundraiser were stolen from the front lawn of a church.

Scoutmaster Chris Luise said the flamingos belonging to Troop 45 disappeared from outside St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Thursday or Friday.

At first, he thought they'd just been moved, but by Monday it had become apparent that was not the case.

The troop uses the flamingos to raise money each Spring and, while it might seem funny to some that the plastic lawn ornaments were taken, the missing flock will likely cost the troop about $1,500 in unrealized donations.

Luise has contacted police but really, he said, they Boy Scouts would just like their birds back.

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