Bradley's Still International, But Only to Canada

If you’re heading to Europe, you’re not going to get there from Bradley. Northwest Airlines has pulled the plans to resume flights to Amsterdam off the runway.

That was the last European destination for the airport. The only other country you can get to from here is Canada. There are flights to Toronto and Quebec.

Officials changed their minds and decided not to resume what had been the only direct overseas passenger flights from the airport.

Northwest started nonstop service to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on July 1, 2007, and airport officials said flights often exceeded 85 percent full during the popular summer travel months. The airline stopped the service last fall when fuel prices soared about 30,000 feet.

The plans were to bring flights to that freewheeling country back in June, after Connecticut and Massachusetts officials put together $500,000 in incentives, including fee waivers and advertising money.

Connecticut officials said Friday that the airline was backing down on that because of a challenging economic climate and poor advance reservations.
Flights are down 13 percent at Bradley compared to a year ago and airport officials blame the decrease in a drop on business class travelers.

There is some cash flowing at Bradley, however, it is set to received $8 million in federal stimulus money but that cash will be used to repair a runway at the 62-year-old airport.

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