Budget Cuts Could Affect Animals Too

State employees won’t be the only ones affected if the unions vote no on a concession agreement this week.

Animals at the “Second Chance” barn will have to find new homes too.

The barn is located on the grounds of the York Correctional Facility in Niantic and houses abused and neglected livestock. Since 2003, a full time animal control officer and two part time employees have run the barn along with inmates from the prison. If the union deal does not pass, all three employees, as well as the inmates will be out of work.

What’s of most concern to the employees though, is what will happen to the horses. Right now there are 16 horses and two goats at the barn. New homes have been found for eight of the horses, but the futures of the other eight horses remain up in the air.

According to Raymond Connors, a state animal control officer, abused animals will now have to be taken care of by the local municipalities. He says that many towns and cities are not equipped to care for the animals, which could result in them having to be put down.

“Our biggest concern is that if we have to close this facility, where will these horses go for future animal cruelty cases?” asked Connors.

Since 2003, 180 horses have come to the “Second Chance” barn.

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